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The forms included on this page can be downloaded and read or printed from Acrobattm. The forms may look "fuzzy" when viewed on-line but will print clearly on any inkjet or laser printer.

Form Size Last Update Description
Contest Host Information Application (Word 2010+)   1/4/2012 Fill-In Application to HOST a contest (MS Word 2010 and Newer)
Contest Host Information Application (Word 2007-)   1/4/2012 Fill-In Application to HOST a contest (MS Word 2007 and Older)
Full Package                                                1,531 KB 11/01/2011 All Sheets and Criteria
Music General Effect #1 (Judge 1) 165 KB 08/29/2011 Music General Effect Rating Sheet #1
Music General Effect #2 (Judge 10) 165 KB 08/29/2011 Music General Effect Rating Sheet #2
Music Performance/Ensemble (Judge 3) 115 KB 08/12/2008 Music Performance/Ensemble Rating Sheet
Music Performance/Individual (Judge 8) 206 KB 08/29/2011 Music Performance/Individual Rating Sheet (Optional)
Visual General Effect (Judge 2) 167 KB 09/12/2011 Visual General Effect Rating Sheet
Visual Performance/Ensemble (Judge 4)       175 KB 11/01/2011 Visual Performance/Ensemble Rating Sheet
Visual Performance/Individual (Judge 9) 179 KB 08/29/2011 Visual Performance/Individual Rating Sheet (Optional)
Drum Major/Field Commanders 95 KB 08/12/2008 Field Commander(s) Rating Sheet
Auxiliary (Judge 5) 102 KB 08/12/2008 Auxiliary Adjudicator's Sheet
Percussion (Judge 6) 106 KB 08/12/2008 Percussion Adjudicator's Sheet
Penalties & Timing (Judge 7) 92 KB 08/12/2008 Penalties & Timing Summary
Tabulation Sheet 141 KB 08/12/2008 Tabulator's Summary Sheet

Automated Tabulation Program

Directors: you can download the automated tabulation program developed by Kings High School for MSBA competitions.  This program is written in Microsoft Access®.   For anyone who may not have Microsoft Access® installed on your computer, you can download the MS Access Runtime 2007 package and the program will run with just the run-time system.  Note: to use the run-time system, you must be running Microsoft Windows XP® or newer (Vista, Win7).  Also, please note that the run-time package is LARGE (~58 Megabytes): download at your own risk!!
File Size Last Update Description
MSBA Tabulation Instructions.pdf 239 KB 9/24/2010 Instructions for Installing and Using the Automated Tabulation Program
MSBA_Tab_master_v14.mde 784 KB 9/24/2010 MSBA Automated Tabulation Program (MS Access)
AccessRuntime_2007.exe 57,557 KB 9/24/2010 MS Access® 2007 Run-Time System (CAUTION - VERY LARGE DOWNLOAD!)


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